Istra Mission

Success demands local presence. Istra places American and European manufacturers in local markets with maximum speed and minimum external investment.

Istra has a proven and affordable method for entering the European and North American markets—we operate as your “Remote Virtual Unit”

Istra is your liaison with European and USA sales and marketing.


Compactness A small, well-integrated team that thrives on communication.
Market Research Investigating market potentials to produce realistic business plans.
Mobility Knowing our way around Europe and North America.
Flexibility Istra is American in the US and European in Europe.
Local Presence Representing you in key regions using a localized approach.
Cloud Based Using the latest technology to find and connect with customers.
Teamwork Partnering with you at home and with your International customers.
Knowledge Speaking English, Italian, French, Spanish, Sales, and Engineering.
Efficiency Minimizing your operating investments abroad.

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