Istra Corporation specializes in manufacturing Faraday cages for MRI that lead the market with the fastest installation and unique water resiliency.

This means that if a pipe bursts generating unexpected flooding , or any other water and/or humidity related event will occur, the RF shielding effectiveness will not be affected, since there will not be warping or RF leaks due to contact with water or humidity.

Our Faraday cages are made of modular, free standing prefabricated aluminium panels. Our typical cage installation time is up to 70% less than any other cage in the market. Our cages are free standing and assembled on site without any cutting or welding. Modular design allows for installation without altering the existing room. Completely relocatable system. Shielding effectiveness greater than 100 dB from 1 MHz to 1 GHz. Full suite of interior finish options that provide optimal patient experience.

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